About Us

Archit Organosys Ltd started its operations in 1989, by the name of Shri Chlochem Ltd in a small of way with a few chemical molecules. Today Archit Organosys Ltd is on the forefront in the Indian Chemical Industry, producing a variety of Organic Chemicals, Pigments, Specialty Derivatives, Adhesives & Sealants.

We have 24 years of manufacturing experience in Monochloroacetic Acid & Sodium Monochloroacetate, which is used in the synthesis of various Agricultural Chemicals, Cosmetic Surfactants, Oil Drilling Chemicals, Plastic Additives etc. This legacy has helped us understand the world of Personal Care & Healthcare. It also entered into the Adhesives & Sealants segment by the brand AOL which offers various range of Sealants.

The Company's fundamental focus is to innovate, collaborate and enhance the process of serving products to the market and its customers. Archit Organosys Ltd has maintained a steady growth over the years and has matured itself in capturing a major share in the market & successfully expanded its horizon in USA, Europe, Middle East and across 50 countries.

Constitution of Directors

Constitution of Committees

The Mission

We shall strive to be a value based organization seeking professional excellence in all our products, processes and services and creating wealth to serve the society at large.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make our customers believe that they have purchased a world-class product from a world class manufacturer. We wish to satisfy the customer by continuously improving our quality and upgrading our technology as per the customers requirements.

Environment – Friendliness

nvironment is no more a fad to be indulged in; it is and should be a prime concern of everyone. The development of an enterprise in full compliance with protection and preservation of a healthy environment is one of the highest priorities. The actual activities of the company in the region and, above all, the results achieved during several last years have provided evidence that an environment-friendly production is not a hollow phrase to the company.

We are well concerned about health and safety. We therefore strictly adhere to safety norms in our premises, laid down by various Government bodies.

The company is committed to developing and implementing the best manufacturing technology, with continuous up gradations, to achieve 'zero impact' on the environment