Research & Development

The technical team of Archit Organosys Ltd believes that there is no end to innovation. It is not enough to only produce good products but also essential to find all the possibilities of making it better & competitive in order to fulfill and even exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our products are developed using in-house technologies through R & D work over a period of years keeping special focus on actual customer's requirements with specific needs. Thus Archit Organosys eliminates major competition from other manufactures since its products have been customer built, attractive in unique properties giving special features and beneficial to the user.

Our analytical laboratory provides intermediate quality testing for in-process material at different stages and quality control laboratory provides testing procedures laid down for finished products ensuring that the quality is exactly as per the intended output.

Moreover, our well-established laboratory with our highly qualified technicians enables us to give equal importance to process optimization, improvement to yields and waste minimization, so as to be cost effective in all our products. Our advanced R & D helps our company to become the market leader in our products.

Quality Policy

The Quality Assurance Department, managed by qualified personnel, constantly examines quality considerations – performing systematic sampling and testing at every stage from raw materials, through each procedure of intermediate and finished formulations.

A regular validation of processes, test methods, water and environment, as well as periodic calibration of all instruments, to guarantee product output of consistent top quality formulations is documented. A full fledged Quality Control Laboratory at Archit Organosys manufacturing facility follows Good Laboratory Practices and integrates the most up to date testing equipment in order to perform the stringent quality analytical tests.

Apart from following and maintaining an effective Quality Management System, we perform periodic self-assessments through a voluntary self audit.

At Archit organosys, Quality is not a destination, but a Journey. Excellence in Quality, across all aspects, in all spheres.